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About this site

About this site

A collaboration between Recollect, LINZ and Archives NZ.


The Red and Black maps weren’t part of the “official” survey sequences so needed to be clearly identified, but as “separate” things. The numbers were applied retrospectively in sequential order to a large collection of Roll Plans and based on a sequencing that made sense to the people using them. 

The colours were applied in tags, identifying the different sequences and they are probably based on what they were used for by the people in the Christchurch Office. There were a lot of maps, so there was a need to identify those sequences where some had different layers of information on them – and they used colours. 

Notes from internal LINZ sources:

  • Black Maps 1 – 469 (No’s 1-211 are Rolls and No’s 212-469 Flat)
  • Black Maps 192 – 198 These roll maps show early Māori names in Canterbury, Blocks with the Midland Railway.
  • Black Maps 497 – 548 and Index (copies of Timaru Rolls)
  • Red Maps - 2 – 176 (in some cases Red Maps are duplicates of Black Maps with additional information added from the Old Series Field Books)
  • Some red maps contain records of Māori Reserves surveyed in 1848 and 1849, the original Map of Christchurch and others showing Pastoral Runs. 

As an additional note, the “Old Series” Field books referred to in the note from the Red Maps are probably the Canterbury “Old’ Field books which were created during the Provincial Government period (so, information pre-1872). These have now been digitised and are available via